Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Frankly My Dear....

One of the recently received archaeological collections at Pueblo Grande Museum (PGM) is the Community Noise Reduction Program (CNRP).

The CNRP is part of a noise mitigation program for residents of neighborhoods severely impacted by sound from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Archaeological and historical studies were conducted as part of the CNRP and both prehistoric sites and historic neighborhoods were documented.

Staff at PGM have just begun processing the CNRP collection and one of our favorite objects in the collection is a small, glass Babs Yesteryear perfume bottle. The bottle is made in the shape Scarlett O’Hara and was sold as a Gone with the Wind promotional item around 1939/1940.

Say hello to PGM's 2018 September Artifact of the Month

Historic archaeology can reveal information about groups of people who are often excluded from the written record including women, children, and minorities. "Fiddle-dee-dee!" Other objects related to women in the CNRP include other perfume bottles, jewelry, a glass breast pump, and medicines marketed specifically to women. To learn more about the archaeology and neighborhoods studied during the CNRP check out the digital publication Seeds of Growth: Neighborhoods on the Salt River Floodplain.

You never know what cool things PGM collections staff and volunteers will uncover during their processing, we'll just have to wait and see. "After all, tomorrow is, another day!"

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