Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Arizona Authors Storytelling & Craft Saturdays

Pueblo Grande Museum invites families to come enjoy hands-on children's storytelling and crafts for another wonderful year of Arizona Authors Storytelling & Craft Saturdays!
Each Saturday, June 9th to 30th, from 10 a.m. to noon a children's story is read by its author followed by story related crafts and a snack! These programs are perfect for children in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. Each program is $5, and includes Museum admission for the participant. Parents can pre-register online through links below or check-in at the Museum front desk each Saturday to participate. All participants must be accompanied by an adult, there is no program fee for adults. This program was made possible by BookmansChanging Hands and the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary.
The Arizona Authors Summertime Storytelling & Craft Saturdays is also part of the Maricopa County Reads program, where children can get badges and points for participating in different programs around the Valley. Attend a storytelling program at Pueblo Grande to get a secret code and enter them at maricopacountyreads.org to collect badges!

JUNE 9 - Starry Gets Lost by Phoebe Fox

Life is good for Starry the Sheep, who lives in her schoolyard pen under the apple tree. But when the children and teachers leave for a field trip, Starry is left behind. Not understanding that her friends will return, the little sheep sets off to find them. From the scent of orange blossoms to a prickly rose bush and noisy barking dog, new sights, sounds, and smells surround and overwhelm her. When Starry discovers she's lost, she must muster the courage to find her way back home.

JUNE 16 - Up Up Up by Michael Hale

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When Mouse, Frog, Duck, Snake, Dog, Chimp, Seal, Sheep and Bear are invited to a birthday party on the 10th floor of an apartment building, the elevator seems to be the best way UP UP UP.
But is it? This humorous story told mostly in pictures is about sticking together and finding your way. 

JUNE 23 - My Magic Hat Rules by Debi Novotny

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Follow a magic hat to school where you'll learn new reading rules! This delightful book will charm and delight with rhythmic narration and whimsical illustrations that are perfect for early readers. You will surely be inspired to use your own magic hat to create and read new words together.

JUNE 30 - Goodbye Brings Hello by Dianne White

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There are many ways of letting go. With each goodbye, a new hello. From being pushed on a swing to learning how to pump your legs yourself, from riding a beloved trike to mastering your first bike ride, milestones are exciting but hard; they mean saying goodbye to one moment in order to welcome the next.  This cheerfully illustrated ode to change gently empowers readers to brave life's milestones, both large and small.

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