Friday, October 6, 2017

Indigenous Peoples Day Blog Series

Pueblo Grande Museum(PGM) is celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day this year with a special five-part blog series during the week of October 9th, 2017 in honor of this recently recognized city commemoration day. PGM reached out to colleagues, professionals and consultants from all disciplines including local artists, archaeologists, and researchers, and asked if they would write something in commemoration of this day. The submissions we received exceeded our expectations, resulting in a collection ranging from opinions, histories, and poems. 

In 2016, the City of Phoenix formally recognized the history and contributions of American Indians with its first Indigenous Peoples' Day. The Phoenix City Council members voted 9-0 to establish the second Monday of October as an annual City commemoration event. 

With a new article being released each day of the week, this blog series covers a variety of thoughts, reflections, and cultural perspectives. They delve into the experiences of life as a Native artist, what we can learn about prehistoric Arizona peoples through archaeology, and the life of an O'odham jazz legend who performed with the likes of Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra. 

The Indigenous Peoples Day blog series will be published online at, the official Pueblo Grande Museum blog. The articles will also be shared through PGM's official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Visit for more information about other Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations and Native American Recognition Days events at Pueblo Grande Museum. 

Blog Series Schedule:
October 9 – We Are Still Here: A Celebration! By Rykelle Kemp
October 10 – 1492: Lost, Gained, and Ever Changing By Jewel Touchin
October 11 – Created From Clay By Ron Carlos
October 12 – Any Friend of Chief's By J. Andrew Darling
October 12 – The Choice is Ours By Roman Orona

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