Thursday, September 7, 2017

Volunteering at PGM

Enjoy something a little different from PGM. This guest blog was written by the son of PGM's Visitor Services Supervisor. We welcome volunteers of all ages, interests, and enthusiasm!

Volunteering at PGM

I am going to tell you how I help at Pueblo Grande Museum where my mom works.  I have gone there for the past three years on my birthday.  Pueblo Grande Museum is an archaeological site in Phoenix where they give tours and study artifacts. I even went there for a field trip in second grade!

This year, when I was walking towards the entrance I saw a baby bunny hopping across the path and my mom took a picture of it with her phone.  I started by watering the plants and opening the gates. Then, I went on patrol of the site in the Gator.  A Gator is a small work truck that doesn’t have any doors or seat-belts.  Mom even filmed it so I have proof.  It was really fun! 

After that, I went inside and did some office work.  The jobs I did include vacuuming the library, vacuuming an entrance mat, organizing Mom’s book shelf, and shredding papers.  I did so much shredding that both of the shredders overheated, so I moved on to something else.

The last jobs I did before lunch were to help paint plaster petroglyphs and cut out turtle crafts for the kids that are coming to the museum for a field trip. Then we had lunch and celebrated my birthday with some cupcakes in the lounge. Soon after that we used the copy machine to print some papers and went home to celebrate the rest of my birthday.  I am looking forward to coming back next year for my birthday to help out.

By Nathan Andrew

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