Tuesday, August 1, 2017

PGM Artifact of the Month

Meet Artifact 2015.33.271!

We love this incised stone donut which was found at a site in the southeastern Phoenix metro area. The use of these donut stones is hotly debated by archaeologists. (Little known fact: archaeologists will debate just about anything!) Some think they were digging stick weights, others think they were corn shuckers, and similar objects from Mexico may have been used as weights for spinning cordage. 

What is your best guess? Either way... any time you can work the word "donut" into an archaeological conversation is a win-win situation. 

Anyone else suddenly hungry?


  1. Ancient Homer Said, "Mmmm Rock Donut!!"

  2. Maybe it's a fishing net weight. Before the local rivers were dammed upstream, the valley was probably a lush environment...with lots of fish in the water.