Monday, April 3, 2017

PGM Artifact of the Month

Meet Artifact of the Month 98.37.63: 

From 28 October through 20 December 1996, Desert Archaeology, Inc., conducted a data recovery project on an area between Washington and Jefferson Street, and 4th and 6th Avenue within blocks 72 and 73 of the original #Phoenix townsite. Prehistoric and historic archaeological features were excavated, and over 50,000 artifacts were recovered.  Most of the items recovered were historic materials removed from wells and outhouses; glass and metal made up almost 87% of the recovered assemblage. 

This essentially complete reconstructed polychrome porcelain vase with appliqu├ęd figures was one of the artifacts found during those excavations. The rim is outlined by a painted burgundy/mauve line. The design on this vase is very similar in style to the descriptions of Chinese Rose Mandarin and Rose Medallion patterns. Both patterns employ panels of people in garden settings separated by flowers, birds, and butterflies. The Rose Medallion pattern is more similar in that this takes place in four panels instead of the flora and fauna being incorporated into the borders. The borders here include green foliage, pink peonies, and can also employ gold in the border as well as in the women's hairdos. The Rose Mandarin pattern was popular until 1840 while the Rose Medallion pattern dates from 1796 - 1820. However, these patterns have been widely copied in the late 19th and 20th centuries with Rose Medallion being readily available in stores in Chinatowns throughout the U.S.

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