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Storytelling & ART-eology Summer Programs at PGM


Pueblo Grande Museum (PGM) is offering fun, hands-on storytelling, art, science, and craft summer programs this June and July for children in kindergarten to eighth grade!  Families can plan ahead and register for PGM's summer programs by clicking on the "Register For" links following each program description, online at the Phoenix Parks & Recreation registration site, or drop-in the day of, and pay at the front desk. 
Arizona Authors 
Summertime Storytelling &Craft Saturdays

Meet Arizona authors and enjoy fun, hands-on children’s storytelling and crafts every Saturday in June from 10 a.m. to noon at Pueblo Grande Museum! Each book is read by the Arizona author followed by story related crafts and activities. These programs are perfect for children in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade, whether they are budding bookworms or just learning their ABC’s. Each program is $5, includes a light snack, and Museum admission for the participant. All participants must be accompanied by an adult.

Story: A Squirrel's Story by Jana Bommersbach 
Shirlee Squirrel needs a safe nest for her babies, far from the clutches of a menacing black cat! When she moves into a birdhouse designed to house wood ducks, she and her babies create “home sweet home” in a North Dakota backyard. Raising her children under the watchful eye of the nice man and woman―Rudy and Willie―whose yard they inhabit, Shirlee teaches young Sammy and Sally everything gray tree squirrels need to know. Register for Activity 17507 

JUNE 10 
Story: Burro's Tortilla's by Terri Fields 
What do you get when you cross The Little Red Hen with a burro and his friends? Burro’s Tortillas! In this humorous Southwestern retelling of a childhood favorite, Burro finds it difficult to get any help from his friends as he diligently works to turn corn into tortillas. Register for Activity 17508 

JUNE 17 
Story: Bad Monkey Business by Michael Hale
It’s a rainy, rainy day. Mrs. McGoodie is about to have a cup of tea when a little monkey appears on her doorstep… And he means business. Can she stop the monkey from ruining her clean house? Or is there something else going on that she does not understand? A rhyming story about an unsuspecting woman and a Monkey on a mission. Register for Activity 17509 

JUNE 24 
Story: Starry's Haircut by Phoebe Fox 
The story of an endearing sheep, living at a school in urban Phoenix. Spring is in the air and it's time for Starry's first haircut. She wonders: Who will come to shear my coat? Will the haircut hurt? How different will I feel without my cozy wool? Young children will smile when they find out that getting a haircut isn’t so bad, even for a sheep! Starry is afraid to have her wool sheared, but learns an important lesson. Register for Activity 17510

ART-eology Summer Program for K to 3rd Grade

Learn how the ancient Sonoran Desert people, the Hohokam, used their environment for survival and inspiration in their everyday lives! Join us for a single day or all 3-days of programs where you will learn about Hohokam pottery and jewelry, create beautiful rock art and discover a variety of uses for native plants and animals. Ideal for younger explorers from kindergarten to 3rd grade! Cost is $25 per day and those enrolled for all 3-days of programs will receive a free family membership to Pueblo Grande Museum!

July 11 - The Art of the Hohokam
The Hohokam were well known for their pottery designs and shell jewelry, see examples of this beautiful artwork in a tour of the Pueblo Grande Museum collections! Try your hand at creating your own pottery, learn how to make cordage and make your very own shell pendant. Let’s not forget about the science! Learn about the chemistry behind the Hohokam’s famous acid-etched shell jewelry and ornaments and how it mirrors natural processes such as ocean acidification and acid rain. Register for Activity #17716

July 12 – The Art of Rock
Learn about the different types of rock art made by the Hohokam and see if you can figure out their meanings by playing a round of Pictionary! Tell your story by carving out your very own petroglyph and create a one of a kind pictograph on special sun-sensitive paper! Register for Activity #17717

July 13 – The Art of the Desert
Do you think that deserts are just hot, dry and dusty? Think again! The Sonoran Desert is a secret world just filled with different plants and animals waiting for you to discover! Learn what plants can be gathered from the desert for food, what the Hohokam grew then make your very own corn and mesquite flour! Bring out your inner artist as you learn the ancient art of weaving and fabric making and experiment with different building materials to see if you can keep out the cold! Register for Activity #17718

ART-eology Summer Programs for 4th to 8th Grade

The Hohokam were masters of survival in the ancient Sonoran Desert! They also used their surroundings to inspire their creativity. Join us for a single day or all 3 days of programs where you will learn about rock art, Southwest music and the science behind Hohokam architecture! Perfect for adventurers in grades 4 to 8. Cost is $25 per day and those enrolled for all 3-days of programs will receive a free family membership to Pueblo Grande Museum!

July 18 - The Art of Rock
Learn about the different Hohokam styles of rock art, their meanings and why we need to preserve them in our hands on demonstration and activity! Join us for a round of Petroglyph Pictionary as we explore the abstract meanings of rock art, then carve out your very own petroglyphs to learn the sophisticated skills of these ancient artists. Discover the world of rare pictographs, produce your own designs and watch as they magically appear on special sun-sensitive paper! Register for Activity #17719

July 19 – The Art of Music
Do you love music? The Hohokam did too! Learn what role music plays by watching traditional Native American performances and listening to music. Try your hand at making musical instruments inspired by our collection of drums, gourd rattles, ankle tinklers and more! Be amongst the first to try our brand new STEAM based content! Learn about the science of sound, vibrations and pitch with our hands on interactive activities!
Register for Activity #17720

July 20 – The Art & Science of Architecture
Learn about the Hohokam people and the various types of shelters that they constructed at archaeological sites such as Pueblo Grande. Experience the art side of architecture as you try your hand at the ancient art of Adobe brick making and improve your drawing skills as you use charcoal and pencils to draw our unique replica houses! Let’s not forget the science, be amongst the first to try our brand new STEAM based content! Learn about the concept of insulation and how the Hohokam and modern day architects have used different building materials to help protect us from the heat and cold. Last but not least, explore the Urban Heat Island effect in Phoenix and how we can develop sustainable solutions for urban living. Register for Activity #17721

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