Saturday, December 17, 2016

Arizona Arti-fun-facts


While processing a recently accepted archaeological collection from a monitoring project earlier this year, Pueblo Grande Museum (PGM) Curator Lindsey V. came across an artifact that "drove" her to do some research on a little known Arizona fun fact. 

Looking through the excellent report submitted by the Tempe, AZ archaeology firm Logan Simpson, Lindsey discovered a couple of pages describing the artifact and the research done on it.

It turns out that out-of-state visitors used to have to register their automobiles with the county sheriff and display a visitor auto tag when traveling in Arizona. This one, identified in the report as IO #1, was issued by Maricopa County around 1925 and described as:

a round metal tag measuring 9.5 cm in diameter and 1 mm thick. The tag has one hole, 3mm in diameter, designed for attachment at the top of the artifact; damage at the base of the artifact may obscure a possible corresponding hole near the bottom of the artifact. The artifact's lettering is struck on a sheet metal and has a raised lip that encircles "VISITOR/PHOENIX/MARICOPA CO./7997/ARIZONA." Partially legible numbers along the lower edge (to the right of "Arizona") are shallowly stamped into the metal and appear to be"38_681." 

Thanks to PGM Curator Lindsey V. for sharing with us and to Logan Simpson for their thorough research. The more you know....

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