Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Arizona Authors Summertime Storytelling & Crafts Saturdays

Come and enjoy fun, hands-on children’s storytelling and crafts every Saturday in June and July from 10 a.m. to noon at Pueblo Grande Museum! These programs are perfect for children in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade, with each story being read by the Arizona author themselves! After each storytelling, participants will have a chance to do fun crafts related to the characters and themes of each story. Saturday programs are $5 each, include a light snack, and Museum entrance for participants.

Pre-registration is not required but recommended as space is limited. Parents can register online at pueblogrande.com or check-in at the front desk each Saturday. All participants must be accompanied by an adult. The Arizona Authors Summertime Storytelling & Craft Saturdays is also part of the Maricopa County Reads program, where children can get badges and points for participating in different programs around the Valley. Attend a storytelling program at Pueblo Grande to get a secret code and enter them at maricopacountyreads.org to collect badges!

June 4
Story: The Tornado Tamer
Author: Terri Fields

After a long search, Mayor Peacock hires Travis the tornado tamer, a weasel that says he has a plan to protect the town. He will build a transparent, magical cover to protect the town, so special that only those smart and special enough can see it. Months later, the cover is hung and Travis has been paid, but a tornado is in the distance and the town is in its path. Will the magic cover protect the town? Register!

June 11
Story: The Tiniest Tumbleweed
Author: Kathy Peach

The Tiniest Tumbleweed is small for her age. So is her Sonoran Desert neighbor, a baby house sparrow. Through the incorporation of proven concepts in helping children believe in themselves and their capabilities, The Tiniest Tumbleweed shows how the desert companions work together and within their limitations to become their best. Register! 

June 18
Story: The Three Little Javelinas
Author: Susan Lowell

Meet the three little javelinas - loveable, wild, southwestern cousins of pigs. Living in homes built out of tumbleweeds and saguaro ribs, the first two javelinas are soon running from the hungry coyote. They find shelter at their wise sister's house, made strong with adobe bricks. Dressed in cowboy duds and prepared for life in the rugged desert, these javelinas are more than any coyote bargained for. Register!

June 25
Story: I Heard It From Alice Zucchini
Author: Juanita Havill

The hidden life of plants is rendered in whimsical poetry in this collection of garden poems for plant lovers of all ages. Look for the charming faerie in each illustration and ponder whether or not such shenanigans take place in your garden. Register!

July 9
Story: Hohokam: Prehistoric Inhabitants of Pueblo Grande
Author: Pueblo Grande Museum Staff

Discover how the Ancient Sonoran Desert People known as the Hohokam lived and farmed in the Arizona desert over 1000 years ago. Learn how they became talented artists known for their pottery, jewelry and more! Register!

July 16
Story: The Twelve Days of Christmas in Arizona
Author: Jennifer J. Stewart

Ready to greet you are 12 mules a-hauling, 11 sleds a-sliding, 10 sheep a-leaping, 9 cowboys signing... and much more from the Grand Canyon State. Carlos is so excited about his cousin Isabella's visit to Arizona that he gives her one of these very unusual gifts on each of the twelve days of Christmas, and Isabella writes lively letters home to tell her mom and dad about her trip. Register!

July 23
Story: Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo
Author: Reba Wells Grandrud and Susan S. Krueger

Follow Addie Slaughter, the daughter of famous Arizona Sheriff John Slaughter, as she bravely travels from Texas to the Arizona-Mexico border, settling on the Slaughter Ranch in the late-1800s. Along the way, she meets with tragedy and danger, narrowly escapes a stagecoach robbery, experiences an earthquake that destroys the ranch, and she meets Geronimo, who gives her a very special gift. Register!

July 30
Story: La Madre Goose
Author: Juana Martinez-Neal

Classic Mother Goose rhymes get a Latino twist in this cozy collection. From young Juan Ramón sitting in el rincón to three little gatitos who lost their mitoncitos, readers will be delighted to see familiar characters in vibrant, luminous scenes brimming with fanciful details. Register!


This summer reading program was made possible in part by a donation from Safeway and Bookmans.

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