Thursday, January 7, 2016

We Need Your Help!

Help the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary with their mission to preserve and promote the prehistoric resources and heritage of Arizona at Pueblo Grande Museum through offering accessible education and programming to the people of Phoenix and all our guests who come to visit and support the Museum.

We need your help to keep our 16th Annual Ancient Technology Day: Prehistoric & Historic event free and accessible for everyone. We are raising money through your participation to support the artists, craftsmen, guild groups, special skills organizations and cultural institutions that donate their time, materials, and expertise to this event. Without these generous people, the hands on activities such as atl atl throwing, cotton spinning, flint knapping and agave Arizona and the people who settled it.
roasting would not be possible for everyone to enjoy. This annual free event offers not only the general public, but families, and scout groups the opportunity to learn daily living skills used from 50 to over a thousand years ago. Through hands on experience, this event provides a greater understanding of the history of

Your participation in this Allstate sponsored fundraising campaign will provide funding for the materials used in free hands-on activities and securing expert demonstrators in the fields of prehistoric and historic technologies and history. It’s easy to participate!

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  • Register with Pear, an organization which facilitates donations from sponsors to non-profit and charitable organizations.
  • Complete one or all of these easy tasks to help raise up to $500 for the 16th Annual Ancient Technology Day!
Ways to earn funds for Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary:

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