Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cleaning the Canals

This morning staff from the Salt River Project came out to help Pueblo Grande Museum clean out the canals in our Park of Four Waters. There was a lot of over growth causing erosion and disturbance of the prehistoric canals that need to be removed. 

The Park of Four Waters contains multiple prehistoric canals left by the Hohokam.

Museum Staff really like our signs. Take a tour of the Park of Four Waters on the last Friday of the month, from October to April for a chance to come out and admire the sign yourself! 

What one of the canals looked like before it was cleared.

SRP staff cut down trees, bushes, and shrubs to be shredded.

City Archaeologist Laurene Montero was out with SRP staff to help monitor and record any archaeological disturbances or discoveries.

She did come across a nice shell bracelet fragment!

And voila! A clean prehistoric Hohokam canal!

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