Monday, December 8, 2014

Meet Our 2014 Indian Market Featured Artist

The 2014 Featured Artist of the 38th Annual Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market is Hopi carver, Mavasta Honyouti, and his featured artwork is a piece titled The Soyoko Series #4 – The Offerings.  Mavasta, an elementary school teacher from Hotevilla, Arizona on the Hopi reservation, comes from a long line of master carvers. His unique work is a fusion of traditional style and form using contemporary techniques. All of the pieces Mavasta creates embody the essence of nature, family, and prayer, through the journey of spirituality. 

Mavasta’s featured artwork The Soyoko Series #4 - The Offerings tells a story of the annual visit from Soyoko. Soyoko represents the order of discipline.  When she appears, it's a harsh reminder for all to conduct themselves respectfully in all aspects of daily life. Families make offerings of food, game, and prayers to the group so they can continue the cycle of renewing life. The view that is depicted is from the inside of a home, as the visitors arrive to receive their offerings. 
The Soyoko Series #4 - The Offerings

This particular piece was created using a relief carving technique. It is completely hand carved from a slab of cottonwood root. Intricate details are formed using small blades and a wood burner. The colors are applied using acrylic paints. It is 11 inches wide and 12.5 inches at its highest point. Go to for more information about Honyouti and his art.

Visit the 38th Annual Indian Market on December 13 and 14 at Pueblo Grande Museum to meet Mavasta and purchase a piece of his art for yourself! For more information on the Market visit .

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