Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Have You Seen Our New Sign?

In August 2014, the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary launched its first crowdfunding campaign for an 85th Anniversary Commemorative Art Project to replace the old, worn, faded banner along the Washington St entrance of the museum. Through crowdfunding and the auction of this sign, we were able to raise over $800 for the design and installation of the sign, as well as for the Auxiliary which supports the Museums educational, exhibits, and programming efforts.
The old, original sign at the Washington St entrance.

Working with local artists and Museum supporters Randy Kemp, his daughter Rykelle, and son Raven, they designed and painted the vinyl banner at the Museum entrance, giving Pueblo Grande Museum a new, vibrant, eye-catching, and we think pretty cool looking, sign! We took a few photos to document the process and hard work put in by Randy and his family. 
And it begins!
Randy, Rykelle, & Raven painted
 the sign blue first to prime it.
Even Museum Administrator Roger Lidman
put his own stamp on the design. 
Like his own art work, Randy used a lot of
bright colors to make our sign stand out!
Raven ,cutting out different design
 elements to be used on the sign.
Rykelle, also a known local artist, added
design elements inspired by the desert landscape.

We had a lot of curious looks from people as they drove by :-)

Brave souls on high ladders!
Applying the stencil cut out designs by moonlight.


West Facing Sign
East Facing Sign

The final west facing sign design.
The final east facing side design.


Left to Right: Raven Kemp, Randy Kemp, Rykelle Kemp
Museum staff, volunteers, members, and visitors have had such a positive response to the sign and the project in general, that we hope to do a project like this again! Thank you again to Randy, Rykelle, and Raven for your time, talent, and enthusiasm about this project and for Pueblo Grande Museum.

Posted by Renee Aguilar, Museum Aide

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