Friday, July 18, 2014

What We're UP to!

In the early morning of July 9, Stephen Reichardt, Collections Museum Aide, fastened himself into the safety harness of the bucket of a lift truck and was raised above Pueblo Grande Museum to take some new promotional photos. The morning was overcast from the summer storm that passed through the night before and the temperatures were a little cooler than a typical July morning. Volunteering to go above the call of duty, 60 feet above the ground in the Parks and Recreation Department’s lift truck, he captured some new photographs of the museum and the archaeological site.

The truck was used to take photos of the museum and Platform Mound from the south looking north, from the west looking east, and from the north looking south; which gives us multiple views of the museum and grounds. Stephen used a new digital camera, purchased using funds supplied to the museum by the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary.  One function of the new cameras is the ability to do panoramic images, and Stephen was able to capture some great new photos from his loft above the museum grounds. The Auxiliary has funded two new digital cameras for the museum for use by the Archaeology staff and Collections staff and volunteers at the museum.

Nancy Duckett, an Auxiliary Board member who oversees their marketing efforts, is part of the team of Auxiliary board members, volunteers, and staff, planning the museum’s 85th Anniversary event in October.  Nancy plans to use a historic photo of the old museum building and a new image of the museum on the promotional materials for the event.  She has been working with museum staff to get some new photographs of all aspects of the museum done. Be sure to get your ticket for the 85th Anniversary Dinner to see the wonderful new and historic photographs of the museum and site.

We're still finessing the images but here are a few sneak peeks. In October, when the weather is cooler in the morning, we’ll be taking some more photos with people in them to use for promoting the museum. So keep following Pueblo Grande Museum on social media for a call for models and you could be part of the new look of PGM!

By Roger Lidman, Museum Administrator

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