Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hohokam Experience Summer Camps!

Keep kids learning and having fun this summer in our Hohokam Experience Summer Camp programs! The Museum is offering two weeks of hands-on Hohokam science, history, art, music, and archaeology classes to choose from for children ages 6 to 13. Register online now or in person at the Museum! Print program flyer!

Archaeology for Kids Summer Camp 

Monday through Friday, June 9 to 13
Time: 8:30 a.m. to noon
Ages: 8 to 13
Cost: $100 for the week

Learn about the life of an artifact from archaeology to being displayed in a museum! Explore the science of archaeology by doing a simulated archaeological excavation of a Hohokam pithouse, learn how to identify artifacts in the field, and discover how archaeologists use these artifacts to learn more about past cultures. Once you’ve finished in the field, head into the research labs and collections storage of the museum to learn the science of caring for artifacts! Register now (Course #104843)!


Monday through Friday, June 23 to 27
Time: 9 a.m. to noon
Ages: 6 to 10
Cost: $20 per day, (Pueblo Grande Museum 1 Year Family membership included when child is registered for all 5 days)

Explore the Art of the Hohokam through the science of archaeology. Learn how the Hohokam used their desert environment to inspire their art, build their homes, make their music, and more!

Monday, June 23: The Art of the Hohokam (Course #104844) – The Hohokam are known for their pottery designs and shell jewelry, be inspired by the artistry of the artifacts in the Pueblo Grande Museum collections, then try your hand at creating your own Hohokam pottery and shell pendant.

Tuesday, June 24: The Art of Architecture (Course #104845) – Learn about the prehistoric structures left behind by the Hohokam at Pueblo Grande, while improving your drawing and sculpting skills, as you do sketches and build models of Hohokam structures.

Wednesday, June 25: The Art of Music (Course #104846) – Learn about the plants, animals, and sounds of the desert that inspired the musical instruments of the Hohokam. Make and decorate your own instruments, then learn how to create your own songs of the desert!

Thursday, June 26: The Art of Movement (Course #104847) – Learn about the animals of the desert and their importance to the Hohokam, then get your body moving with desert animal yoga and learn how to stretch like the coyote, slither like a snake, and squat like the bull frog! Make a fun desert animal craft to take home with you and keep your body moving.

Friday, June 27: The Art of Rock (Course #104848) – Learn about petroglyphs and pictographs, the ancient writing left by the Hohokam in the mountains surrounding Phoenix and Arizona, then make your own petroglyph to take home and tell your story!

For more information about Hohokam Experience Summer Camps, call the Museum at 602-495-0901 or send us an email at

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