Monday, November 18, 2013

Photo Walks at Tonto National Monument

If you've had the chance to check out the stunning pictures of prehistoric Arizona ruins in the Pueblo Grande Museum lobby exhibit and have been inspired to try and capture some amazing pictures of your own, 

Join professional photographers, Peg and Rex Lavoie, for an intimate and unique opportunity to photograph the Tonto National Monument.  Peg and Rex are currently serving their sixth season as volunteers at Tonto National Park near Roosevelt, Arizona.

The Lavoies have traveled around the United States exploring their love of photography, for clients and self assignments, as well as lecturing and judging at Professional Photographers of America affiliated associations.  Peg has received the Photographic Craftsman degree and the Silver Photographer of the Year Award from the Professional Photographers of America.  Rex holds the Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging, and Photographic Craftsman degrees from The Professional Photographers of America and is a Certified Professional Photographer.  He has also received the Excellence in Imaging medallion for his exhibition work and the National Award for outstanding contributions to photography.

For more information, or to reserve your spot on one of the upcoming photographic tours, call 928-467-2241 extension 8450.

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