Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flashin’ Signs

Here at PGM we make a lot of our exhibit signage in-house. Museums are particular about many of the materials used in an exhibit. For our signs, we use adhesive materials that activate using either pressure or heat.

Here’s the process we use for a pressure mounted sign:
First we print out the image, and trim it to size (this image is printed on regular office paper).

To protect the sign from wear, we place a film laminant on the surface of the image and press it in place using our large-format press.

Then we put a piece of adhesive (double-sided sticky film) on the back of the laminated image. This essentially makes the image into a giant sticker.

We cut and remove a strip of the release paper, exposing the adhesive. We then place this sticky strip on a piece of foamboard (similar to a thick display board, but tougher).

Then we peel back the remainder of the release paper and run the image through our large format press, creating a mounted image.

Next, we trim the mounted image to create even, finished edges for the sign.

To attach the sign to the wall, we use strips of industrial strength velcro.

Then we take the sign to the gallery, double-check the wall placement and press it into place

Ta Da! Here’s an example of a finished set of signs in our changing exhibit “Living in the Desert”.

Posted By: Lindsey Vogel, Collections Aide

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