Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keeping the Platform Mound Clean

The Pueblo Grande rain gauge indicates we’ve had about 1.78 inches of rain since May. There have been some impacts to the platform mound as a result, though the damage overall has not been too bad. Jim Britton, head of The Mudslingers, our mound stabilization and preservation volunteer group, and I did a walk through last week and noted some areas in need of attention.

Erosion of one of the walls stabilized last spring
Several of the drains/drop boxes, originally installed by the National Park Service, were covered with dirt, preventing the water to drain through them and off of the mound. Some deep channels were created by the runoff as well. A few of the rooms that were worked on by the PGM Mudslingers last spring are now in need of more repairs.

Today, with Tessa Branyan, one of our wonderful volunteers, we worked on some of these areas. We cleared drop boxes and moved soil around them to create pathways that we hope will help the water to run into them. Loose dirt cleared from the drains was used to fill up some of the holes where unwanted moisture is collecting. These measures will hopefully lessen the damage from the next rainstorm.
Tessa Branyan, clearing soil from one of the drop boxes

There is plenty more work to be done, but as the temperature climbed, I decided it was best left for another morning.

Posted by Laurene Montero, City Archaeologist

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