Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things PGM Collections Staff Do For Researchers

One of our main purposes in Collections is to facilitate research. A couple of months ago, Andrew the Researcher (author of the previous blog) came in to look at our rabbit bones; he requested that we keep modern specimens for comparative research.

That means for the next several months we’re saving all of the dead bunnies we find at PGM. The museum grounds are home to several coyotes, as well as owls and hawks, so we find a lot of bunny parts. Our maintenance crew has been wonderful about collecting all of the carcasses.

Since we’re an archaeological site, we try to avoid digging as much as possible. Our Curator set up a decomposition box in our loading dock and chose to leave the box semi-open which resulted in birds scavenging. We decided to change tactics and moved the bunny bits into our freezer, until the specimens can be collected by Andrew.

Posted by Lindsey Vogel, Collections Aide

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