Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Do You Mend a Broken... Pot?

One of Pueblo Grande Museum’s primary responsibilities is to preserve our site and our collections for future generations. Preventative conservation is one way we accomplish this task. The objective of preventative conservation is to minimize any potential treats to the collections (including the site itself) by controlling the surrounding environment. This approach encompasses storing, exhibiting, and handling materials in such a way to promote long term stability and minimize deterioration.

Another important part of taking care of Pueblo Grande Museum’s collections is knowing when to call in an expert or specialist. We did just that with this broken vessel.

We called in Conservator Rose Cull to reconstruct this small Maricopa pot. Reconstruction is harder than it looks. You have to have a keen eye for how the pieces should fit; a knowledge of materials so you choose an appropriate adhesive; and patience. Why patience? Because the hardest part is waiting for the adhesive to dry enough to proceed with the next piece.

Luckily Rose was able to help us repair our small Maricopa pot. And just look at the beautiful results!

Posted by Laura Andrew, Collections Assistant

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