Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Sympathize With Wile E Coyote!

While we aren't trying to kill a roadrunner a that has been taunting us, we have been chasing them around the desert landscape surrounding PGM trying to get a picture!

Our City Archaeologist Laurene Montero, spotted not one but TWO roadrunners the other week and she came prepared with her camera.

"I have seen the roadrunners twice in the past two weeks, both times in the late morning, northwest of the museum near the Taos House and Building 3. They don’t seem to be afraid when I approach until I try to take their pictures. By the time I grab my camera, turn it on and focus, they start to run! And all I get are these photographs of them in the distance.... "

 I think we all understand now what drove Wile E Coyote to order so many ACME products... he just wanted to take a picture!

We also were able to get a very amateur video of a roadrunner running up the side of the mound the other week thanks to the keen eye of our Thursday Docent Roberto. Check out our PuebloGrandeMuseum YouTube Channel to view it!

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