Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Recent Visit to PGM

Check out this YouTube Video by Nancy and Sandra, of Business On Board, featuring some of their favorite things during a recent visit to Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park. Their video was part of a project from their Business On Board Class III session which challenged current museum, and arts and culture professionals to utilize social media as a marketing and promotional tool. Their goal was to encourage people using these various social media sites to like, share and visit different cultural institutions within their local communities. So please, help out Nancy and Sandra, while supporting Pueblo Grande Museum by taking a look at their video and blog!  

If you haven’t visited the Museum and Archaeological Park in the heart of Metro Phoenix in a while, come down and discover something new or rediscover some of your favorites as we did during our latest visit.

We often begin our visit inside the museum, watching the video presentation about the Hohokam, or taking another look at the orientation gallery Landscapes and Lifeways and the exhibits in the Changing Gallery displaying examples of ancient pottery design styles and archaeological research topics.

Outside in the Archeological Park, Sandra loves the Sky-Gazing room on top of the platform mound. The fact that the sun aligns with the two entrances during the sunrise of the summer solstice and sunset of the winter solstice is fascinating. Imagine that the Hohokam people had to observe the sun traveling through the sky for many years to build this room.

On the park trail, Nancy likes to visit the replica of an ancient village with an adobe compound and pithouses. Having the feeling that you’re walking in the footsteps of the ancient Hohokam, who built the canals to bring water to their crops, and imagining what daily life was like for the Hohokam people, is worth returning to Pueblo Grande.

Both of us agree that a trip to the museum isn’t complete without stopping at the Pueblo Grande Museum Store. We like to bring home a remembrance of our visit. Perhaps a book to read more about it, something that captures a discovery from this trip, a spirit stone or maybe even a work of art by a Hopi artist. What makes shopping at the Museum Store even better is that all proceeds go to the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary to help support educational efforts of the museum and the preservation of the past and future at this historical site. Since the museum store is operated by volunteers all purchases are tax free.

Becoming a member of the Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary gives us the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of free museum admission; invitations to lectures, exhibit openings and special events; discounts on workshops, tours and hikes; discounts in the Museum Store and more…

We hope you LIKE the video!!!!

Posted By Nancy and Sandra of B.O.B Class III

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