Friday, October 7, 2011

And the Survey Says!

Have you ever filled out a survey at a restaurant, museum, or store, and wonder what happens to them? The Museum recently completed a survey study of teachers and students on field trips at the museum. As part of the completion of the survey, done by the American Association of State and Local History (AASLH), I was required to attend a debriefing meeting to go over the findings of the survey in September 2011.

The survey we were part of with AASLH is a national survey that collects information anonymously and it is sent to a third party for collection and analysis. They generate a report based on the three pages of questions, including some custom questions, and then compare our museum with other like museums nationally. I am proud to say that Pueblo Grande Museum did very well!

Some quick highlights include that we scored well or at the top rating in 27 of 33 attributes tested, over 80% of the students surveyed could not wait to tell their family and friends about the visit and one of the most impressive results…our staff and volunteers consistently were rated extremely high! In a few categories our staff and volunteers scored higher than the three top museums that Pueblo Grande was benchmarked against. We always knew we had great staff and volunteers but it is so rewarding to hear that we are making a difference in our school tours!

In all surveys, you look not only for the exceptional things but also for areas that need a little boost. One of our concerns had been the museums website and if it was meeting teacher expectations for today’s technology savy students and teachers. As we expected, according to the survey, we could use a little more in this area so we are starting to revamp some and get an action plan in place for other bigger remodels of our education and resource pages!

Surveys are important and we are so glad we were able to participate in the AASLH survey. We try to do various surveys each year on our membership, exhibits, programs, etc so we appreciate when you take the time to fill out the survey. Just know that we value your opinions and really try to make changes based on the feedback we receive!

Posted by Stacey Mays, Visitor Services Supervisor

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