Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Library Additions

Come check out some of the latest additions to the PGM Research Library!

Stealing The Gila, by David H, Dejong, 2009.
This volume discusses the Pima's irrigation agriculture economy and water right issues from the time period of 1848 - 1921.

Engendering Households in the Prehistoric Southwest, edited by Barbara J. Roth, 2010.
This volume focuses on gendered activities in the prehistoric Southwest by looking at evidence from household contexts.

The Sierra Pinacate, By Julian D. Hayden, essays by Charles Bowden and Bernanard L. Fontana photographs by Jack Dykinga, 1998.
This beautifully illustrated book focuses on Julian Hayden's work in the Pinacate of northwestern Mexico. It covers the natural history, archaeology, geology, and human history of the area and includes text from Hayden in both English and Spanish.

Pueblo Grande Museum's Research Library is more than a room full of books. The research library contains materials on the archaeology, history, cultures, animals, and plants of central Arizona. The library maintains and manages these resources to support staff, volunteers, and Auxiliary members as they fulfill the museum’s mission. The library’s collections are also available to researchers, museum patrons and the general public by appointment.

Our goal is to connect people with scholarship. One way in which we do this is through our electronic catalog database that was developed in-house. This database contains an inventory of the library’s holdings including books, booklets, periodicals, professional journals, and manuscripts. Some of our dedicated volunteers are in the processing of entering detailed subject headings for each resource; these subject terms will assist in making the library’s collection more searchable by all users.

If you have a moment or two please stop by the research library so I can show you how to navigate through the museum’s electronic catalog. Give me a call before you drop in so I can make sure we have a computer available, 602-495-0901. You never know what unique resources you might find in our library’s collection!

Posted By Laura Andrew, Collections Assistant

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