Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pardon our Dust!

Pardon our Dust! as the outdoor trail takes a detour around construction of an enlarged and improved trail stop at the excavated Hohokam ballcourt. Why the enlargement and improvement you ask? The ballcourt is one of the main stops and talking points during our school tours. And with such a high volume of little feet lining up along the ballcourt, we decided to add some more concrete to give them a good vantage point. We're also adding a bench to give people a place to rest and reflect while out on the trail.


More than 200 ballcourts have been recorded in the Hohokam region, however, only a few have been excavated. The playing surface of these bowl-shaped depressions was smoothed and plastered with caliche. Constricted openings at each end may have been goals. In front of these, Pueblo Grande's ballcourt had stone markers embedded in the floor, possibly denoting zones of play. Visit http://www.pueblogrande.com/ for more information on the Hohokam and Pueblo Grande Museum.

Posted by Glena Valpey, Exhibits Coordinator

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