Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Did You Know...

…that Pueblo Grande Museum has a research library? Yep – it is a pretty cool place, both literally and figuratively speaking. You see the research library is located in the collections wing of the museum which is kept between 65 - 68 ˚F year round. The reason behind why it is so chilly in collections is a topic for another blog article – this time lets focus on the library itself.

What makes our research library so special? Well we have tons of archaeological site reports that focus on the Phoenix and central Arizona. Many of these volumes have a very limited distribution making them challenging to find in public libraries. The library also contains resources on all aspects of museums, archives, libraries, preservation, and site management. There are books on the history of Phoenix the first peoples and later inhabitants. We have books on water-rights, canals, irrigation systems, and dams, as well as the soil and geology of the area. There are books on petroglyphs, rock art and archaeoastronomy. Not to mention resources on birds, reptiles, insects, rabbits and all manners of desert animals and plants. And we have books on textiles, baskets, fetishes, jewelry, stone axes, shell, and turquoise……..

There are over 4,800 books and just over 6,000 periodicals in PGM’s Research Library. These resources are available for use by not only museum staff, but also by volunteers, Auxiliary members, researchers, museum patrons and the general public. The only catch is that we ask that you call and make an appointment to use our library. We ask that you make an appointment in part because it is such a small space and we want to make sure people don’t bump into each other looking at the wonderful resources we have. We also want to make sure that a staff member is available to help you search for just the right resource. Did I mention -our research library is a non-circulating library so when you find something you are interested in you must look at it in the library.

Remember if you want to spend some time in one of the coolest places in Phoenix stop by the Pueblo Grande Museum Research Library, just give us a call to let us know you are coming, 602-495-0901

Posted By Laura Andrew, Collections Assistant

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