Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roger's Travels to South Korea Continued....

Here's another little update from Roger about his travels in South Korea. He was also nice enough to answer some of the questions some of you guys had about his experiences.

More Pictures from the Yeoncheon (location) Jeogok-ri (archaeological site) Paleolithic festival:

What else have you been doing?:

After the festival we visited the DMZ between north and south Korea...demilitarized is an ironic oxymoron; there are military units everywhere(I saw South Korean, Australian and US units), check points and defensive positions.

I also toured the Korean National Museum and Insa-dong district (shopping and resturants).

What kind of foods have you tried?:

Almost all my meals were Korean. Typically eaten while sitting cross legged on the floor.

This is a picture of a flatfish dinner at a famous resturant in Insa-dong featuring food from southern Korea.

Tried kimchi?:

Yes, served at every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some spicy, some more like pickled vegetables.


Lunch at the festival food vendor area:

Tried barley tea yet?:

Yes, once. It was OK.

THANKS ROGER! We're so glad you were able to travel to Asia and share your experiences with us. Thank you for representing Pueblo Grande Museum at the symposium and it'll be good to have you back.

Posted by Renee Aguilar, Museum Aide - Visitor Services

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