Monday, October 11, 2010

Working with Stabilized Granite

As the new Foreman here at Pueblo Grande Museum, I have been learning about a lot of things that I had not previously had to deal with. Maintaining the park and grounds of an archaeological site has many unique tasks and challenges. But working here at the site has also provided me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on things such as repairing the trail that goes through the site. The sun, the heat, the rain, animal activity and consistent foot traffic all contribute to the wear and tear of the trail, requiring occasional repairs. We recently just repaired a few spots along the trail where some cracks had gotten a little out of hand and it turns out, there is more to trail repair than just laying down some concrete and calling it a day. For the environment, use and purpose of our trail system, stabilized granite is what we use at Pueblo Grande Museum.

What is Pre-Stabilized Granite you ask?

Pre-Stabilized Granite is 1/4 minus decomposed granite pre-blened with proprietary organic stabilizing compound.

Pre-Stabilized Granite is ideal for repairing the following:

Pathways, driveways, trails, patios, walkways, cart paths, equestrian breezeways, and parking areas.

Installation Recommendations:

1. Prepare sub-grade to line and grade allowing for positive drainage. Sub-grade shall be compacted as specified prior to placement of Pre-Stabilized Granite.

2. Compact base material and sweep away any debrisprior to placement of Pre-Stabilized Granite.

3. Spread Pre-Stabilized Granite over prepared sub-base material to specified depth.

4. After spreading and leveling Pre-Stabilized Granite, thoroughly saturate the entire depth of Pre-Stabilized Granite with water to activate stabilizing compound.

5. After you have saturated the Granite, allow to dry to a compactable consistency and compact with a vibratory compactor or a 3 1/2 ton steel drum roller. (Allow to dry for at least 24 hrs. depending on temp.)

6. Protect from traffic until entire depth of Pre-Stabilized Granite has completely dried.

If you wish not to use the Pre-Stabilized Granite which is pre-treated with the glue substance already mixed together with the granite, you can purchase the Stabilized Granite and the glue substance separately, the glue is called Soil-Loc's. Installation is still the same except for step 4. You would need to mix the Soil Loc (glue) and water together in some kind of spray container depending on your size of area. (The ratio of mixing is 3 parts water 1 part Soil-Loc). After you have mixed the two together you may now saturate the granite and move on to step 5. Steps 4 and 5 should be done 2 to 3 times depending on depth of granite.

For more information you may contact Soil-Loc at 1-88-828-7300 or at

Posted by Craig Winiarz, Parks Foreman I

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  1. Great article on Installation Recommendations for Stabilized Granite.